15 Ways to Earn Money on the Weekends

Why waste your weekend doing nothing at all, when you can have fun and earn money? Yes, your weekend can turn into a good time to run some side income for yourself. We have listed down 15 awesome ways for your convenience.

  • Play online games

Certain online games, such as Indian rummy and poker, offer real cash prizes to its winners. These games are easily available on websites and even as a mobile app. All you need is to know the basic rummy game rules and that’s it.

  • Babysit

Couples usually prefer to hit the town over the weekend, so it’s a good time to babysit their little ones. Just be sure to mention the rate per hour you expect so no one misunderstands your offer.

  • Pet Sitter

Pets are a part of the family and need to be cared for. On the weekends, you can offer your assistance and charge on per hourly basis.  

  • Host a Garage Sale

Collect your unused items like old books and toys, and sell them from your garage. It’s a great way to free your home of extra items, and at the same time make some money.

  • Update your Finance Planner

A penny saved is a penny earned. Monitor where your expenses have been the most this past week and work on minimizing them. This will help curb unnecessary expenditures tremendously.

  • Be a Photographer

If you have a way with the camera, offer to take pictures for special events like baptisms, birthdays, and bridal showers. Word can spread via social media or friends until you get some regular weekend work. Charge a little less than the competition and you should be good to go.

  • Catering Opportunities

If photography is not your thing, but cooking is, then this one might work best for you. Start your very own catering company that serves 10 to 80 people. Such small parties often don’t get catering services, you have a great opportunity here.

  • Serve Food

Since people prefer to eat out on the weekends, restaurants do require additional support for food delivery or waiting tables. You can contact a restaurant near your place and see if such a requirement is there.   

  • Fast Food

People love you go to parks or for simply shopping on the weekends. You can whip up some quick fast food and sell the same. Start with hot dogs or curly fries. Also, sell some drinks along.

  • Sell Your Garden Wares

If you enjoy gardening, then set up a stand on the side of the road or at the local farmer’s market to sell what you grow. Flowers, indoor plants, mini herb garden are good options to begin with.

  • Farm Work

Live near a farm? In certain seasons, farmers will seek out temporary help for the harvest or to take care of their animals.

  • Tour Guide

Earn to show people your city. It’s a fun activity that you can take up on the weekends.

  • Become an Uber Driver

It’s the weekend and many people have to travel, so require Uber services, especially in the nights. And if you own a car, you can become an Uber driver.  

  • Offer Freelance Services

Freelance writing is a side business idea that has helped many people around the world. Pick assignments at the weekend for anything that you are best at – writing, proofreading, graphic designing, typing, anything at all.

  • Sell Handmade Items

Are you excellent at DIY crafts? If yes, then start knitting mittens and decorating candles. Since it’s a weekend thing, you can sell them via social media and word of mouth.