How to Improve the Range of WiFi Booster

wifi range

Do you have WiFi booster at home? Have you purchased the best one, but it doesn’t show good performance? If you do, you definitely need to know the best way to improve the range of WiFi booster before you decide to replace the booster.

Know the Exact Range of the WiFi Booster

Before you try to extend the range of the WiFi booster, you need to understand the exact range of it. It is actually very different from one device to another. Some devices are built to cover a big house, while the others are only suitable for a small area, like an apartment. The range coverage is usually listed on the device and you need to pay attention to it before you buy one. If you already have one and the coverage area is not suitable for your place, buying another one or replacing it will be the best solution.

The Best Place for the WiFi Booster

There are lots of great ways to improve the coverage area of the WiFi boosters and one of them is the placement of the device itself. The placement here plays a big role to make sure that the WiFi boosters work well. The WiFi signal can be distorted by the wave length of other electronic devices. Placing the WiFi boosters away from the electronic devices will be the best.

The amount of furniture and the thick wall can also affect the WiFi signal and you need to make sure that the WiFi boosters are not blocked to ensure it works well. Another best way to improve the range of WiFi booster is to mind the distance between the main router and the device itself. Make sure that the WiFi boosters still can catch the WiFi signal well and make sure that every corner of the house is covered by the WiFi boosters.

The Number of WiFi Boosters You Need for Your House

If you have a big house and the range of WiFi booster cannot cover the whole area of your house, you need to consider adding more devices to ensure a stable network and great performance. You can place some WiFi boosters in some areas that have a weak WiFi signal. On the other hand, if you have a smaller house, having only one device is enough. You just need to make sure that you put the WiFi booster in the correct place.

Troubleshooting the WiFi Booster

Have you chosen the place to put the WiFi booster but it doesn’t work well? If it happens, you need to worry. You just need to relocate the device and try to figure out the best place for it. If the problem persists, you need to try to restart or reset the device.

The best way to improve the range of WiFi booster is to try relocating the device. Make sure you place it within the WiFi router range and make sure the device is not interrupted by its surroundings. If it doesn’t work, you can try restarting or resetting the device.

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