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5 Must-Have Features for Your Home Interior

Wardrobe outfits are completed by accessorizing with the best shoes, a scarf, jewelry and a hat. Home decors, on the other hand, are accomplished by accessorizing with the right furniture, window treatment, lighting, wall hanging accessories and a rug.

As with your wardrobe, accessorizing your home reflects your personal style. Your home interior must be an expression of yourself, not a display of current trends, or a picture out of a home interiors magazine. Here are the 5 must-have features for your home interior.

  1. Furniture

In modern homes interior, the choice of furniture is a very important factor. A good choice is to get sofas, chairs, and sleek and clean tables, something sophisticated yet bold.

It’s common in a modern home interior to use furnishings of angular shapes, but put what you want and try not to over decorate it.

  1. Window Treatment

This plays an essential role in the overall appearance and feel of your room. Window treatment can introduce a pop of color or patterns and turn into a point of union or convergence in your room. It also blurs out the focus, allowing your furniture to stretch out in the limelight. Window treatment is room accessorising which really makes a room feel complete.

  1. Lighting

Depending on how you utilize a specific room, choose what kind of lighting is appropriate. Reading lamps are to be put next to or behind a reading chair. An accent lamp for watching television or socializing gives softer lighting and is good to put on any surface, hanging from your ceiling or on the floor.

The softest lighting for dining, romance and bathing are provided by candles. Wall sconces, candle lamps, and table candle holders give an array of choices for bringing the alluring light of candles into home decoration.

  1. Wall Hangings

Notice the wall space left between and above the furniture pieces? Measure the size of that space and choose which item will best fit that area. Or you may want to install a montage of items across a huge wall space, like for instance over the sofa. A recessed wall is an ideal space for a montage of framed pictures.  Vases, plants, and figurines are items that fill spaces on your floor, on shelves, table tops as well as on pedestals. Collectibles, books as well as miscellaneous treasures serve as conversation pieces which tell a story about yourself, your interests and the places you have been. Allow enough space for your exceptional items to stand out and be seen.

  1. Rugs or Carpet

In case you’re tired of the existing flooring material of your home, opt for carpets or area rugs to break the boredom and fuse tone into a dull and boring room. There’s no hard rule for carpets or area rugs. These can be the showstopper of your home, or mix in the setting, giving opportunities for other elements to be noticed.


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