5 Strategies to Take Your Business Out of the “Starter Stage” and Reach the Next Level

If you feel your business is yet to grab the brass ring, you’re certainly not alone.

The fleeting feeling that your company is stuck is an annoying one, but so much of that feeling boils down to mindset.

The truth?

What separates the up-and-coming startups from the proverbial “big boys” may not be as dramatic as you’ve been led to believe.

So much of reaching the ever-so-talked-about “next level” is about how you present yourself. On a related note, how you treat your internal operations can make a massive difference versus a groundbreaking product or massive profit margins.

But where do you begin on the path toward greatness for your company? Consider the following five strategies to be a solid starting point.

Hire Better People

When you’ve reached the make-or-break point where you’re ready to focus on growth, it’s equally important to focus on hiring the best talent possible. This means truly scrutinizing the resumes of potential hires to ensure they have the skills and personalities necessary to thrive in your organization.

That second point is crucial but easy to overlook to growing companies. After all, you want to hire people who buy into your company goals and want to support your rise versus bounce at the first sniff of a new gig. In short, don’t be afraid to hold yourself to a higher standard for hiring.

Take Care of Compliance

The best businesses out there understand the sheer importance of compliance. Whether it’s legal safety or letting potential investors know that you’re a trustworthy company. As highlighted by Reciprocity Labs, the ability to break down a complicated business audit or stay in line with regulations is invaluable in today’s business world. Perhaps they say it best: doing good business means having good answers.

Grow Closer with Your Customers

It might be cliche to say that a company is only as good as the customers they serve, but this rings true to an extent. Taking the time to go back-and-forth to pick the brains of your customers can clue you in on their pain points as well as what you can do as a company to improve.

Whether it’s reaching out in-person, via email or on social media, don’t neglect the power of getting in touch with the people who matter most to your business.

Put Your Name Out There

Never underestimate the power of earned media mentions when it comes to gaining clout in your industry. Ideally, you publish your own content and have talent on deck that can get your business in front of relevant industry publications to boost your reputation.

While scoring mentions in big-time blogs might not seem like a big deal, the ability to say you were featured in a major publication (think: TechCrunch for startups) is a huge feather in your cap that you can advertise all over the place.

Set Realistic Goals

Last but not least, goal-setting is crucial to a budding business that strives for “more” in terms of profits and customer satisfaction. Even so, growth isn’t about setting the loftiest goals, but instead the ones you can reach.

To round out this list, make sure that you’re putting down these and any other goals crucial to your company’s mission on paper. By having a set of accomplishments to work toward, everyone on your team is united and working in harmony as a result.

That next level isn’t out of your reach. Sticking to these strategies and principles will put you on the path toward bigger and better things, plain and simple.