Choosing Contemporary Fireplaces in Montreal  

If you have a fireplace that is outdated and needs some remodeling, you may be wondering what type of fireplace to choose and whether or not a contemporary fireplace is the right choice for your home.

Contemporary fireplaces Montreal offer the same benefits as many traditional fireplaces do, but they have a unique look to them. These fireplaces are inspired by European designs, with materials like black onyx and flames that flicker in unison. Contemporary fireplaces not only provide heat to a room, but can also serve as a work of art for the space.

Besides the unique look contemporary fireplaces offer, there are some other benefits. These fireplaces don’t have to be placed on the floor like traditional fireplaces, giving you more options for placement in the room. Many choose to have their fireplace at eye level. Contemporary fireplaces in Montreal are also offered in different shapes. Choose from linear, arched or square looks to find one that suits your taste. There are even different designs that can be used around the fireplace enclosure.

When designing a contemporary fireplace there are more options on where to place it in the home. A front facing contemporary fireplace still fits in the traditional space of a fireplace. It works for a living room or family room, or even a bedroom, and can be safer for children and pets since it’s near the wall and nothing is protruding from the fireplace.

A corner fireplace can be seen from varying angles and can work in a bigger space. This type of fireplace is great for an open concept downstairs area, but they can also be placed anywhere in the home.

A three-sided fireplace is similar to the front facing fireplace, but it gives another dimension to the area and allows guests to view it from an adjoining room. If you don’t have a lot of space for a fireplace, you may want to consider a space-saving design that looks like it’s just a cut out in a wall. This works great for open concept floor plans.

For those with more space, a tunnel fireplace can connect two rooms and provide a unique look. Contemporary fireplaces also don’t have to just be connected to a wall, but instead can stand alone. This might work for those who want an industrial look. For example, a curved fireplace can stand by itself or be attached to the wall to make the fireplace the focal point of the room.

If you have a traditional fireplace already that you are hoping to give a contemporary look, you may want a fireplace insert. An insert can be put into any existing fireplace. These inserts can burn either gas or wood, and they act and look very similar to a fireplace, but with a bit of a difference. Inserts can be a much cheaper option than a complete fireplace remodel.