This Man Abandoned His Wife When She Had a Baby Girl, but She’s Empowering Herself

Puja is a young woman in Hyderabad who recently gave birth to a baby girl, named Arshiya. But the new mother is far from happy.

For centuries, Indian culture has been known to idolize men and dread the birth of girls. Female foeticide is rampant. It is estimated that roughly 100,000 abortions are forced in a single year, simply because the baby is female. The primary “concern” these parents have is the financial burden imposed by a girl child, and low income families that cannot afford a dowry, prefer to simply abort the child.

While Puja escaped this horror, she faces another tragedy; after she gave birth to her baby girl, her husband promptly picked up his things and abandoned the family, refusing to take responsibility for his child simply she was a girl.

Puja was now left a traumatized single mother with a newborn child to look after, but her troubles only began there. Four months later, Arshiya was diagnosed with biliary altresia, an extremely rare condition where the liver doesn’t have the ducts it needs for the flow of bile. Puja now needs to collect Rs 25 lakhs to be able to save her little daughter’s life. Puja was at an utter loss. Though she couldn’t bear to admit it, her hope sank, seeing no accessible solution to help her out.

Impact Guru, a medical crowdfunding platform has seen countless stories like Arshiya’s. For the past decade, lakhs of underprivileged patients across the country have been flocking to medical crowdfunding platforms to find a convenient, safe and risk-free funding solution to help them afford their necessary medical treatments. Upon seeing the numerous success stories on Impact Guru, Puja didn’t think twice. She started a campaign immediately.

Crowdfunding India isn’t a new concept. It was a popular way of giving and encouraging giving among the urban youth for years before it caught on to rural areas and the older generations who wanted to indulge in giving as well. Though the industry started off as a way to fuel social causes, the need for financial aid in the expensive healthcare industry forced the industry to expand. Now, nearly half of the funds raised through crowdfunding in India are towards medical causes, especially emergency medical situations and chronic illnesses like cancer and organ failure.

If you’re concerned for individuals like Puja who face a kind of misfortune most of us can only imagine, turn to social and medical crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru and browse through powerful stories you can bring happy endings to!